Hero* is eighteen years old and loves discos and bowling. She also has Down’s Syndrome. 

Over the past year Hero has been receiving respite care each week from Baptist Care SA, who’ve been working closely with her care team to help her achieve her goals.  

A big part of our role has been to take Hero out to different places in the community, but as English is Hero’s second language, communication has been a challenge for her. Staff encouraged Hero to use Proloquo – a communication app that uses symbols and audio to promote language development.

“Hero’s use of her iPad has been amazingly successful,” says Baptist Care SA Support Worker. 

“Now she can communicate her likes and dislikes - she can say ‘I want to do this’ or ‘I don’t like that’ and lead the activities we do with her. The other day she used the app to say ‘I want to see horses’ so that’s what they did!” 

Staff have also noticed that as Hero uses the app, she is beginning to repeat and use the English words, and is able to communicate more complex ideas.

Hero and her care team have also worked together on her independent living skills and she can now help clean the house, prepare meals, and take herself grocery shopping through the self-service check out! 

Hero’s mother has been delighted with the support she’s received this past year. Hero’s growth has been amazing, and the team will continue to work with her to keep extending her communication and life skills.

*Not her real name.


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