Sophie* was 16 and homeless when she was referred to the Tumbelin Alcohol and Other Drug Adventure Therapy Program. Our staff soon realised that nothing in Sophie’s life could be properly addressed before her housing situation improved. 

“It was freezing cold and bucketing down and the other girls were tired and grumpy and looking forward to going home, but Sophie didn’t want to leave. She just loved knowing where she was going to sleep at night – even if it was freezing.” explained her support worker

It was confronting seeing Sophie experience withdrawal, but her three drug free days gave her the space to be able to look at her life.

“My head hasn’t felt this clear for so long,” she smiled, “I just want to get off the drugs – but it’s hard. I don’t have any security.”

Our staff advocated for Sophie and made several referrals to housing services – until finally a placement opened up. It was a truly magic moment to see Sophie’s face when she was given the keys to her new home!

*name changed

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