Bean Buggy

A recent report has revealed that 12.2% of young people aged 15-24 years old are unemployed, compared to the overall rate of 5.5%[1]. The report further noted that emerging technologies are transforming the jobscape; creating more difficulties for disadvantaged young people seeking employment.

But youths in Adelaide’s North East are jumping on board to partner with Baptist Care SA in a new social enterprise which will help brighten their job futures. Fondly nicknamed the ‘Bean Buggy’, the coffee cart provides opportunities for young participants to gain valuable qualifications and skills in their quest for employment.

After just one term of operations, 15 young people have received barista training and completed accredited courses in customer service and food handling. Twenty per cent have already gained employment.

“It’s been an amazing response. A lot of these young people had histories of poor school attendance, but they’ve created this project, named it, they’re driving it and creating new opportunities for themselves,” says Team Leader Tracey Sutton. “They’re happily turning up to volunteer at 8.30am each morning – they’ve designed loyalty cards and are making plans for uniforms and an online ordering system!”

And it’s not just staff who have noticed a positive change. Jesse* and Callum*, both 16, both say they’re more motivated to get up and get going each day. Jesse has even got a job at a local retail outlet.

Next term participation is expected to double.

If you would like to book the Bean Buggy for your event or would like to learn more about the program, contact Baptist Care SA at:


*not their real names

The Bean Buggy initiatve is co-funded by the City of Tea Tree Gully and Baptist Care SA.


[1] 2018, Brother of St Laurence Report: An Unfair Australia? Mapping Youth Unemployment Hotspots

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