Haircut at WestCare Centre

Something as simple as a new haircut can give people a real lift when times are tough.

When we’re looking good, we feel confident, empowered and we present our best selves to the world.

As a trained hairdresser, Cecily has always understood this, but it was something her Pastor said years ago that planted the seed that grew into her offering her services to people experiencing homelessness.

One freezing cold day Cecily came home from work with a migraine. She put on her pyjamas and wrapped herself in a thick quilt.

“But I just couldn’t get warm and I couldn’t get homeless people out of my head,” she says. “I think it was a supernatural cold!”

When she was well again Cecily got busy.

“Cecily became involved with Baptist Care SA’s homelessness services over about six months, “recalls Team Leader David Secomb.”She made some incredibly generous donations of brand new clothing to our WestCare Centre.”

Cecily then approached Baptist Care SA with an offer to provide free haircuts at the Centre. Since then, she has been inundated by men and women taking the opportunity to receive a luxury they would otherwise not be able to afford. On her first morning alone, she had 22 ‘customers’!

“There were some pretty amazing transformations,” says one staff member. “It was wonderful to see how happy people looked – you could see the boost in their confidence as they walked out!”

Cecily’s mobile hairdressing services now visits our Inner City site every fortnight.  Spurred on by her efforts, Cecily’s friends from church have also put together special ladies and children’s pamper packs and donated them to our clients.

It’s inspiring to see what can be achieved when we pool our ideas, share our experiences and use our talents to bring glory to God and support the vulnerable amongst us!

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