anti-poverty week

Alan* has been homeless most of his adult life, but like so many others, it has taken such a toll on his health that it became critical that he be homed.

Our Exceptional Needs Unit (ENU) has been set up in such a considered and deliberate way so that Alan, and others experiencing chronic homelessness, feel respected and can learn to become comfortable with being in a home.

Gradually Alan has become accustomed to being warm and well fed. He’s learning to cook and invites family to his home for tea and hosts movie nights for friends.

Investing in emergency and affordable accommodation is critical to help improve the quality of life for people like Alan -whose secondary health costs are estimated to be five times higher than for other members of the community. It also makes economic good sense - saving an estimated $25,000 per person per year for every rough sleeper that is safely housed [2]


*not his real name

[1] Bethlehem House data, client deaths between 2002-2010.
Source SGS Economics and Planning, based on the reduced impact on health, justice and social services for each rough sleeper provided with a bed.

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