Tumbelin GO

Aimed at unemployed young people (15-24) living in the Eyre Peninsula and Southern Metro, the program will focus on building self-worth, improving wellbeing, developing a career plan and securing employment and/or training.

“We’re taking it back to grass roots. Job ready doesn’t happen until people are ‘life ready’,” said Brenton Schubert, Area Manager for Eyre and North Country.

By improving participants’ self-perception and self-worth, our staff can help pave the way for successful engagement with work opportunities later in the program.
The program involves 6 months of case management, career planning and experiential learning through adventure therapy.

“It gives participants physical and mental challenges which stimulate growth and change. For example, a participant with a fear of heights may climb up a 50m cliff face.

“This gives them a real experience of success. But if they are unable to complete the task, the idea of using failure as a growth opportunity is taught and this transfers from the rock face to how life is approached,” said Ben Hopkins, Adventure Services Team Manager.

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From careers with Baptist Care SA to volunteer options and donations, there are lots of ways you can help us make a difference.

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