Supported through our Disability Services program, Luke receives 24 hour support from Baptist Care staff.

But not long ago, his situation was very volatile. Luke, who has a mild intellectual disability and suffers from anxiety, was taking part in risky behaviours and often sleeping in the streets.

Throughout this difficult time, his carers were constantly checking in with him to make sure he was safe; listening to him, validating his feelings, and offering guidance and support.

Luke came through this experience with a strong understanding of his rights and the realisation that he was worth - and deserved - so much more.  He was encouraged to think about what he wanted in life and became really motivated to achieve his goals. Two of his goals were to be able to live independently and to get a job.
And he’s already achieved them both!

“(Luke) wanted to step up and have responsibilities, and he’s done it. He’s a great guy,” says Placement Coordinator Kane, “He’s just come along in leaps and bounds this year and accomplished so much.”

We wish Luke all the best for the future as he keeps working towards achieving his dreams. Thank you to the team that has worked so closely with Luke along his journey.

*Not his real name.

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