Three children with serious medical conditions have recently moved from long-term hospital beds to living together in a home environment, thanks to our brand new ‘Specialist Support Service’.

A lovely family home has been set up for the children, where a team of registered and enrolled nurses are able to provide them with the specialised care they need.

The transfer has meant that these babies and toddlers are in a more natural environment.  They have their clinical and physical needs met, and also receive the nurturing care that is so important for their healing and development. Not surprisingly, the move has produced some wonderful health outcomes.

One child has responded so “phenomenally” to the service – she is even beginning to walk and respond to her surroundings.

This program is the first of its kind in the State for children under guardianship orders, and it’s the first time Baptist Care has run specialised health care programs for children with such high needs.

The Program is funded by the Department of Child Protection.

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