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Mylor Adventure Camp
Adventure for life! Have fun, learn and be challenged.
Mylor Adventure Camp is the perfect place for groups to get away and experience adventure on a whole new level. It’s a place to connect with yourself, your community and your environment. A place to make friends, build skills and have fun!

Whatever you get up to, you’ll walk away energised, proud of your accomplishments and with skills that will last a lifetime. Get in touch to find out more!

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Adventure Therapy

Adventure and the great outdoors go hand in hand when it comes to helping people connect, reflect on their lives and explore change. Are you living life to the full and being the best version of you? Perhaps you're struggling with challenges that are making life and relationships difficult? Maybe you want to develop your leadership skills? Adventure Therapy programs can be a great way to embark on a journey of change, discovery and learn to apply your strengths and increase your wellbeing.


Call (08) 8388 5234.

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Team Building - Day & Overnight Programs
Do you want to build team skills and connect with your peers in an adventurous setting? Great for schools, corporate groups, community groups or church groups, our day activities challenge you to step outside your comfort zone in a fun and controlled environment. 

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