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421 Inner City Open Day
November 08, 2018
Inner City Open Day showcases new initiatives
412 NDIS
September 25, 2018
Your Hopes and Dreams - New video
414 Tumbelin GO
September 20, 2018
Tumbelin GO: Build your career adventure
413 Drift of the Cloud Gazers
September 19, 2018
WestCare artists create stunning exhibition for SALA Festival
415 Lucy
September 18, 2018
Seed to Market sows seeds for life

Who we are

Aboriginal, Support,  Disability Services, Homelessness, Adelaide, South Australia
Helping every South Australian achieve their full potential.
Our focus is on the strength and gifts of each person we work with as we concentrate on meeting immediate needs, building independence and wellbeing, reconnecting people with their community and fostering good relationships.
History, WestCare, Homeless, shelter, food, support services, Adelaide, South Australia
Love, hope and faith since 1913.
Our story is unique, just like yours. We started out over 100 years ago with a simple dream to help people who were homeless in Adelaide. Over time our vision has grown to include many other people in our community who find themselves in need of extra support.
Volunteering, employment, History, who we are, How we help, Success stories, How you can help, support
Over 1,200 people, dedicated to our causes.
We are passionate about what we do because we get to work with amazing clients who teach us every day how to be resilient and courageous in the face of difficulty. If you are looking for purpose in your work-life, a meaningful career working alongside some of the most vulnerable people in South Australia might be just the thing you need.

How we help

Disability & NDIS


Mental Health

Aboriginal Services





Children Youth & Families

Success stories

383 Hero
June 05, 2018
Hero finds her voice and the key to independence
372 Janet
March 23, 2018
'Road Trip Into the Future You': Janet regains her self-belief
352 Stacey, homeless, mental health, adelaide
November 28, 2017
'In Care' and cared for: how a child's hope was restored
May 15, 2017
Sophie’s story
May 01, 2017
Dylan's Story

How you can help

From careers with Baptist Care SA to volunteer options and donations, there are lots of ways you can help us make a difference.

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