Mylor Adventure Camp

Since 1956, people from all walks of life have been coming to the Mylor Baptist Campsite to enjoy time spent together, away from the city and every-day life, in a beautiful bush setting. Today the Campsite and Riverview Lodge continue to provide great opportunities for community and outdoor recreation, through the growing range of facilities and on- and off-site camp programs.

Adventure Services

One of the key aims of our Adventure Therapy Programs is to awaken the value of Respect – for self, others, the environment and property – in the hearts and minds of people, so they might experience what it is to live with purpose, confidence and, ultimately, happiness. It’s about using the challenge of an adventure to discover aspects of your personality that you never knew existed. It’s about pursuing a journey of personal discovery that awakens you to the potential that’s lying within.

High Ropes Course

Get the adrenaline going by challenging your limits. That too, 8 metres above the ground. Working in teams of up to 4, participants take turns to climb up solid, hardwood poles and then cross gaps of 10 metres spanned by an array of wires, ropes, stirrups and ladders to a pole on the other side. Every climber is strapped into a harness for safety. But you just can’t help but feel the rush!