Youth Homelessness

Baptist Care works with young people from 14 – early 20 year olds who are either at risk of becoming homeless or have already become homeless. The issues these youth are facing are varied and range from domestic violence and abuse to couch-surfing and drug abuse. Our overarching objective in providing support is not just to meet the immediate residential needs of the client but to help them overcome the issues that caused their homelessness problem. For clients who have recently become homeless, facilitating family communication or reconnecting them back to other close family members is often an effective solution.

The range of Youth Homelessness solutions provided by Baptist Care may be described as follows.

• 24 hour supported residential accommodation service to young people in crisis.
• Comprehensive range of personal supports for young people who are homeless as they move towards independence and living in the community.
• Comprises two semi-supported units for young people transitioning between 24 hour support and more independent housing options.
• Provision of intensive support appropriate for the individual, with a clear aim of teaching independent living skills sufficient for the young person to move towards independence.

Baptist Care has been involved with the issue of Youth Homelessness for nearly 20 years.

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