Art Centre

Situated within Baptist Care’s Inner City Centre, the Art Centre enables people to deal with their personal issues using art as an outlet to express themselves. Participants can learn skills, gain self esteem and engage with others in a safe and positive environment via a range of workshops and projects that are offered periodically.

The artworks created by participants and other nationally renowned artists are displayed at major exhibitions during the year usually held to coincide with the Adelaide Fringe Festival during February and March, and SALA (South Australian Living Artists Festival, during August. The most recent exhibition – ‘Pause to Exhale’ – a retrospective of works produced at the Centre over the last few years, featured artists Alan Kelly and Shane Long.

The Art Centre also hosts a small community choir consisting of community members and clients who access Inner City Centre services. In fact, the Centre organised a series of songwriting workshops in 2008 which resulted in 3 songs being written and recorded for a CD titled ‘Echoes in my Pocket’, produced by Stamp Music Australia. Some of these tracks can be viewed at

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