Youth Connections

Youth Connections is an individualised support service for young people aged 13-19 years who are disengaged or at risk of disengaging with education and training. Needless to say, the challenges are complex and varied, ranging from bullying trauma and lack of confidence to domestic violence and chronically ill parents. Sometimes these children may develop behavioural issues because they are intellectually gifted and are bored because they lack mental challenges.

Therefore, the overall objective is to provide an alternative service for those young people who do not fit within mainstream education or who require intensive support to re-engage with education pathways or employment pathways in the future. We also provide holistic support, the aim of which is to assist young people in engaging with family and community to improve their personal well-being and development.

Our case management engages these young people in positive mentoring relationships and supports them to reach their potential by exploring interests and strengths, developing positive pathways for their future and addressing any barriers that are impacting on their education and/or employment goals.

• 13-19 years of age (flexible based on specific circumstances)
• An Australian Citizen, permanent resident or on a Humanitarian visa (subclasses 200-204, 866 and 851)
• At-risk of not attaining year 12 or equivalent (Cert 2) and at risk of not making a successful transition through school and from school to further education, training or work.

Download the brochure the Youth Connections Program from the panel alongside (coming soon!).


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