Employment Services for Job Seekers

Over the past 3 years, Baptist Care has assisted more than 4,300 people into jobs and full-time education. In our experience, when people find work they also find the self-confidence they need to interact socially. Therefore, the overarching objective of our services is to help people gain financial independence and social inclusion.

We specialise in working and providing support to meet the vocational and non-vocational needs of clients from all backgrounds and cultures who have been referred to us by Centre Link, including:
• Indigenous people
• Youth
• Homeless and/or those at risk of homelessness
• People with disabilities

Our Employee Services are designed to equip you with the confidence and skills required to reach your full potential in the workplace. Our staff members collaborate with you and employers by providing advice, practical support and available resources for training, work experience and job placements in order to achieve a sustainable employment solution for you. 

The support we provide you with includes:
• Free computer access, photocopying, phone and fax
• Job placement and post-placement support
• Mentoring
• Online and onsite courses on key topics, such as preparing résumés, how to conduct a job search, and interview techniques

• Assistance for first time computer users
• Online website featuring job searching resources and links

 We have offices across metropolitan Adelaide and regional South Australia which provide:
• Full disability access
• Internet and computer access
• Training room

You can download our Employment Services Brochure for Job Seekers from the panel on the right (coming soon!).

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