Employment Services for Job Seekers

We specialise in working and providing support to meet the vocational and non-vocational needs of clients from all backgrounds and cultures who have been referred to us by Centre Link.

Services for Employers

Understanding your business objectives and listening closely to your hiring requirements enables us to recommend candidates who will deliver value. We also provide pre-placement training and post-placement support to our candidates while they’re with you. The result is a worker who is mentally prepared and technically competent to provide the results you’re looking for in the timeframe you’ve set.

What is Job Services Australia?

Job Services Australia is an Australian Government Initiative providing a newer, simpler and more effective employment service. It is designed so that job seekers will receive individual support in the form of the right mix of training, skills development and work experience.

Visit the Job Services Australia website for more information.

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Innovative Community Action Networks (ICAN)

The ICAN program seeks to provide young people with mentoring relationships which can provide a positive influence in their lives and help in their career and personality development. Flexible Learning Options case managers engage with our young clients, helping them develop positive pathways for their future and addressing any barriers that are impacting on their education and/or employment goals.