Chaplaincy Services

At the heart of Baptist Care’s vision is the provision of care, support and services that will enrich the wellbeing of clients. Baptist Care provides a chaplaincy service in prisons, public hospitals, community health centres and to Baptist Care staff and volunteers. The chaplaincy service expanded recently with the addition of the Coordinating Chaplain whose primary focus is supporting Baptist Care staff and volunteers, including caring for the chaplains in institutional settings.

The pastoral model of chaplaincy that Baptist Care adopts places an emphasis on journeying alongside people. The chaplains are actively involved in supporting staff and clients through difficult times and allowing people to talk through the big questions that arise as a result. The role of the chaplain is to provide support that traditional medical and social work models of care do not address including questions of purpose, meaning, hope and faith. Chaplaincy is not a counselling or mental health service; referrals to medical professional are made where necessary and appropriate.

Baptist Care chaplains are present at the following locations:

  • Adelaide Remand Centre (Correctional Services)
  • Gawler Health Service (SA Health)
  • Highgate Park (Disability SA)
  • Women’s and Children’s Hospital (SA Health)

For more information please contact Ian Warner, Coordinator Chaplain on 08 8273 7173 or
0409 582 134

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