Personal information collected by Baptist Care (SA) Inc. (Baptist Care) is protected by the Privacy   Act 1988 (Cth) (the ‘Privacy   Act'). Personal information is any information that can be used to identify you and includes sensitive health information.

Baptist Care follows the Australian Privacy Principles   contained  in the Privacy Act in   handling  personal  information  from  clients,  business  partners,  donors,  members  of  the  public  and  Baptist Care stakeholders (including volunteers,  employees, delegates,  candidates   for  volunteer  work  and  prospective  employees).

Baptist Care has developed a Privacy Policy to protect its stakeholders’ privacy. The Policy is available in hard  copy  on  request,  or  may  be  downloaded  using  the  link  below,  and  contains  detailed  information  about  Baptist Care's responsibilities,   stakeholders’ rights,   and   the   information   that   may   be   collected   by  Baptist Care and  how  it  would  be  used.

The   primary   purpose   for   collecting   personal   information is   to   provide services to members of the community in   need,   including   planning,   funding,   monitoring   and   evaluating   Baptist Carer’s services.   The   kind   of personal information collected will depend on the stakeholder’s relationship with Baptist Care (e.g.  as  a  client,  donor,  business  partner,  employee,  volunteer  or  online user of the Baptist Care website).

Baptist Care usually collects personal information directly from stakeholders.   However, sometimes  personal  information  is collected from   a   third   party   such  as  carers, trustee  or  authorised   representative or from a publicly available source,  but  only  if:

  • there is  consent  to  such  collection  or  would  reasonably  expect  Baptist Care  to  collect    personal  information  in  this  way,  or
  • if it  is  necessary  for  a  specific  purpose.

Baptist Care only collects personal  information  for  purposes  that  are  reasonably  necessary  for  one  or  more  of  its  functions  or  activities. Personal information may be used to:

  • provide  services
  • provide  educational  information 
  • report  to  government  or  other  funding  bodies  how the funding  is  used
  • process  donations  or  purchase  and  provide  receipts
  • communicate  with  stakeholders about  how  donations are used  or  about  Baptist Care’s services,  causes,  events,    products  and  services,  which are  believed  may  be  of  interest  to  stakeholders
  • respond  to  feedback  or  complaints
  • answer stakeholders  queries.

Information may also be used for:

  • any  other  purpose  for  which  it  was  requested  and  which  was  advised
  • directly related  purposes.

Stakeholders should be assured that wherever possible Baptist Care uses information in a deā€identified   form.  Personal   information   will   not   be   disclosed   to   third   parties   without   stakeholder’s permission,   except   where permitted or required under the Privacy Act.

Baptist Care takes steps to protect all personal, sensitive and health information and government related identifiers held by the organisation against misuse, interference, loss, unauthorised access, modification and disclosure.

Stakeholders can access their personal information that Baptist Care holds,   and   they   can   ask   the organisation to   correct   their personal information.  For  more information,  see  our  Privacy  Policy –‘access  to  and  correction  of  personal  information’.

If stakeholders are listed on one or more of Baptist Care’s network email lists they can opt out at any time.  Stakeholders can unsubscribe by using the ‘unsubscribe’ options noted in Baptist Care’s emails. 

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