Being able to believe in yourself changes everything.


Help South Australia’s most vulnerable regain their confidence and experience hope for their future.

Tonight in South Australia more than 1500 children under 18 are homeless.  They have no place to call home.

Family breakdown, domestic violence and housing crisis are the most common reasons for youth homelessness. 

Cyril first experienced life on the streets when he was just 13 years old.

When he was first referred to Baptist Care SA, Cyril was so timid and reserved that he struggled to communicate.  He was temporarily living in a boarding house and everything about him – his quietness and his body language spoke volumes about what he was going through. 

After working with Cyril for a year, the difference in him is incredible.  He now has his own accommodation, he’s studying full time and after completing some work experience, he was offered part time employment.

“The statistics can be overwhelming, but we need to focus on the individuals.  They’re not just numbers.  They are young people like Cyril.” Ken Henderson, Manager, Homelessness Services, Baptist Care SA.

Young people struggling with life have been coming to us for more than 20 years, and with support from our donors we’ve been able to support them in practical ways to overcome obstacles and move closer to their dreams.

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