Hundreds of people walk into Baptist Care’s WestCare Centre each week looking for help… please donate today so we can keep our doors open.

Yes, hundreds of people walk into Baptist Care’s WestCare Centre every week looking for something….be it a hot meal, a clean toilet, a warm shower, a friendly face, somewhere to wash and hang their clothes or just a safe place to rest from the ugliness of the streets.

Tony came into WestCare two years ago when he first moved to Adelaide. He had been living on the streets for almost three years on the East Coast. Life took a turn for the worse when he got involved in some drugs and couldn’t get out of it.

Tony came to Adelaide because he didn’t know anyone here. He thought it was his best chance of leading a clean life.

He wanted to start a new life and came to Baptist Care for help. He describes his first time at WestCare as ‘homely’, saying the staff were very welcoming and it was an ‘uplifting feeling’.

Tony responded to the care he felt and started coming in to WestCare almost every day for breakfast and lunch.

Like Tony, many who come into WestCare are dealing with homelessness, unemployment, family breakdowns, drug addiction and more. Here they can have a 3 course nutritious meal, use the laundry and shower facilities, as well as get referred to other Baptist Care services like accommodation support, legal advice and medical support.

WestCare felt like home to Tony. He knew he needed to get back on the right track so he went to the doctor and received some medication to help stop the cycle of addiction. It is working and he is moving forward.

He was also referred to Baptist Care’s Homelessness Service for help with public or community housing which can take anywhere between 6 months to 7 years.

In the meantime he started living in our temporary accommodation. This is transitional accommodation to get people off the street and to keep them going until they can get into some permanent housing.

Today, Tony is off the streets and getting medical and practical help.

Tony says “It’s different, I’ve never felt care before and I actually do feel that some of these guys actually do care for me.”

Walking into WestCare is helping people take a step towards transforming their lives. Please donate today so we can keep our doors open.





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