Hundreds of people walk into Baptist Care’s WestCare Centre each week looking for help… please donate today so we can keep our doors open.

It’s a sad thing that at the WestCare Centre we’re so often seeing people who don’t hold much hope for their future.
And they’re certainly not counting on having a merry Christmas.

We’re seeing families stressed with the expenses of the season, and their separation from family and loved ones. We’re seeing parents who feel distraught and ashamed of their children going without. Feelings of loneliness and isolation are intensified.

But together, we can change this!

Christmas is about love and the promise of redemption. But it is also about sacrifice, and what Jesus was prepared to do for us. This Christmas, I ask that you might consider making a small sacrifice of your own.

Your gift will not only help provide emergency financial assistance but ongoing assistance to those in need this Christmas.

Jesus showed his love in actions that first Christmas day. This Christmas, your donation will also show others that they’re cared for. And that can be the most priceless gift of all.

May you have a wonderful and blessed Christmas with your loved ones this year.

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