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I’m sure you’ve noticed that all around us are the tell-tale signs that a long, cold winter is behind us. Perhaps you’re already anticipating the fresh beginnings that the new season may bring. Unfortunately, for the many people who live in poverty in this country, each season is much the same as the last.

Lila* was one of hundreds of people that come to our WestCare Centre. She was kicked out of home by her violent step-father and was living on the streets.
It was a harsh, demoralising existence for a young girl.

She came to our WestCare Centre for meals, hot showers and laundry facilities. But she found much more than that. She found our workers on the ground ready to listen without judgment, to support her, and to connect her to the right services.

Soon she had her own home and was making positive decisions for her future. “I’m so grateful for the help I got,” she says.

Today, she is a well-adjusted woman raising a family of her own.

The WestCare Centre is funded solely through the kindness and compassion of people who care for those, like Lila, who’re struggling in our community. But resources are stretched and the need remains great.

Your donation will provide food and emergency aid, but it will also help us to keep the doors open so that people can come to be safe, to rest and to access legal aid, dental care, health checks, referrals and advocacy.

*name has been changed






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