Service & Business Development (SBD)


The Service & Business Development unit (SBD) commenced operation in February 2005. The SBD aims to increase organisational and program capacity to:

• develop and respond to opportunities which meet community needs

• ensure competitiveness to attract and retain funding

The SBD has continued to seek donations and funding from a broad range of organisations: State, Federal, corporate and small businesses. The SBD keeps up to date with current Government (both Federal and State) trends and policy directions in relation to funding for the community services sector. Environmental scans and needs analyses are conducted to contribute to understanding the environment in which (proposed) services operate.

We are committed to developing and evaluating community interventions that are effective and based on best practice. The SBD engages in collaborative research activities within Baptist Care and with external organisations such as Universities. The unit also assists staff to present their Baptist Care work to the wider community by supporting staff to: apply for awards that recognise excellence or innovation in service provision; publish papers and prepare conference abstracts. The SBD assists other services within Baptist Care to understand how clients and stakeholders feel about the services offered at Baptist Care. This is undertaken through consultation and coordination of surveys and focus groups. Results are collated and benchmarked against other services with Baptist Care.

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