Baptist Care (SA) has a long history going back to 1913.  Early South Australian Baptists founded the West End Baptist Mission (now known as WestCare Centre) in 1913 to provide a sanctuary from the harsh realities of life on the streets. This work continues today with ever increasing intensity and relevance.

The first Baptist Homes for the Aged was opened at 157 Beulah Road, Norwood in 1949. This was as a result of a resolution from the South Australian Baptist Union Assembly in 1944 to establish a home for the frail aged in our community.  The Norwood site expanded and further homes were established in Morphett Vale and at Davoren Park. Mylor campsite has operated since 1956 providing an opportunity to experience life outdoors.

Baptist Community Services (SA) Inc was established in 1998 as the community service arm of the Baptist Churches of South Australia.

In 2008 Baptist Care (SA) Inc was established from the amalgamation of South Australian Baptist Homes for Aged Inc (SABH) and Baptist Community Services (SA) Inc (BCS).

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