Baptist Care (SA) Board

Mr Allan Priest

Mr Tim Johnson
Deputy Chairman

Mr Paul Scully
Chief Executive Officer, Baptist Care (SA) Inc

Rev Michael Mills
State Executive Minister of the Baptist Churches of South Australia

Rev Jason Hoet
President of the Baptist Churches of South Australia

Rev Daniel Beasy

Mr David Crinion

Mr Robert Ellis

Mr Terry Forrester

Ms Julie Lawrie

Mr Robert Lunn AM

Ms Catharine Powell


Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan sets the direction of the organisation through objectives in the following areas:

  • Foster Baptist Care's faith foundation
  • Ensure Baptist Care's business sustainablity
  • Grow Baptist Care's capacity and service footprint
  • Enhance Baptist Care's relationship with local Baptist Churches
  • Develop capacity nationally in collaboration with other Baptist entities
  • Develop a culture of client centered practice
  • Develop a premier workplace culture
  • Be an efficient, continuously improving and innovative organisation
  • Engage in advocacy particularly for the most disadvantaged
  • Ensure sound environmental stewardship
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