About Us

Baptist Care in South Australia is a leading provider of community services with some 600 staff working with a diverse range of people in need from young toddlers to the aged.  We literally help thousands of South Australians each year who are doing it tough.  Baptist Care commenced in South Australia in 1913 as the West End Baptist Mission and over the 100 years since then has grown into what we are today. 

Baptist Care provides a range of services including the following:

  • We support struggling families from the Aboriginal, migrant and wider community;
  • Our services also work with refugees providing a range of services which you can be involved in by our volunteers program;
  • Baptist Care supports the homeless providing accommodation, individual support and over 25,000 meals a year.  Again you can help either by donating or actually helping to serve meals;
  • We also work with very young children through to young adults unable to live at home and assist them with our 24/7 accommodation services;
  • Baptist Care works with the unemployed with its employment services as well as helping young people to remain engaged at school;
  • Our camping services are more than camps; our outdoor recreation staff also support young people at risk;
  • We also work with local Churches to support them connect with their community by their care services. 

We are helping to transform the lives of South Australians who need a hand up from those that care.

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