The Baptist Care Foundation


A Vision of Great Value

Baptist Care's vision is that, motivated by Christ's servant heart, it aspires to be a leading, life-transforming agency founded in a faith community engaged in client focused care.

It expresses God's love and compassion for people, especially those at risk or marginalized, by journeying with them toward the attainment of their full potential, with its motto being "Serving to transform lives".

Its range of services is both comprehensive and diverse, with some being financially entirely dependent upon donor support for their existence.

The Baptist Care (SA) Foundation, which holds DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient) tax-deductible status, was established to provide a vital beneficial flow of ongoing funding from income earned from its assets to support services and programs selected by the Baptist Care (SA) Board.

Its assets are managed by the Directors of Baptist Care (SA) Foundation Nominees Pty Ltd that exists for this express purpose.  These Directors, who have been selected because of their expertise and experience to serve in this capacity, act with the assistance of a professional financial planner.

The Foundation provides an excellent opportunity for donors to, through gifting capital to it, further significantly enhance in an enduring way the flow of financial support to Baptist Care's range of vital and life transforming services.

Please consider how you can help.  Thank you immensely, on behalf of those whose lives will be transformed through your generosity!

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